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Recent events and interests:  

Rescued two "senior" dogs!!! Meet Zeus and Destiny!

Burns! Also known as Burning Man Regional Events! So far I've been to:
Delaware: Playa Del Fuego
New Jersey: Freeform
Maryland: PEX
Nevada: Burning Man


I provide desktop support for ~180 scientists and ~270 engineers and support staff. We support over 1200 Windows PCs (Win7, WinXP, Win2k, WinNT, Win 98), 185 Sun stations and Sunrays, and some 35 Macs, and a couple of dozen Linux systems.

I'm also "the network guy".

older events and interests:















Some other things I've done:

























PWP used to keep me busy. I was on the Chapter Board for eight years, and played the political game going up to the Region Board, the Zone Board, and finally on the International Board.

I directed (and starred in) a short movie that played at a local theater! I posted it on YouTube.

Produced a music video for a British band - using only Legos! It's on YouTube as well.

Halloween - Hosted a party for many years in a row, some with bands and over 200 people!!

Juggling - just basic 3 ball and 3 club. Something to do when it's nice out, or when camping. I want to try poi and staff spinning as well.

Softball: I also umpire High School Varsity girls fast-pitch softball. I'm quite impressed with the velocity some girls throw!

Building things - see pics of my treehouse and Halloween props. Oh! I built a "Bowliard Table" that I took to two burns! Great interactive art!

Running - Well, this was an interest in 2007, but not anymore. It's just too boring. My times here

NERO - LARP. It's D&D, but live action!

Magic. I am once again an active member of the Society of American Magicians. SAM

Geocaching. Pretty cool. There are hidden treasures all over, and, using a GPS, you can find them! Just type in a zip code in the box in the upper right corner and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Music. I play around with guitars (acoustic and electric) and I have a keyboard and drums. I don't have the time or talent to be in a band, so I learned one song on drums and then sat in with a band. It was at one of my Halloween parties. See it here. I was so nervous!!!

I'm in a Wii Rockband band called Hedgehog Affair. We've had some gigs in Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle. We're hoping to get a video soon. :-)


I've visited 24 countries so far. It started when I backpacked for nine weeks through central Europe, where I....

Ran with the bulls in Pomplona, Spain, and watched a few bullfights. Some day I'll post my pictures and explanation of how that works.

Wore a toga in the Roman Coliseum, (you really learn how universal a Toga is! I'm in pictures in photo albums around the world!) and met the Pope in the Vatican. (Really!) I actually had to take a step back in order to get a picture of him.

Tanned on Mediterranean Islands Santorini and Ios. What a lifestyle here: Tan until it hurts, drink the pain away into the night, sleep in and then deal with the hangover by laying out in the sun where you tan until it hurts, drink the pain away into the night...

In Paris, I listened to the elegant organ in the Notre Dame Cathedral and climbed the Eiffel Tower.

Stood atop the Leaning Tower of Pisa and wandered the "streets" (canals) of Venice.

Was briefly detained by East German guards near the Berlin Wall in what was then East Germany. I couldn't understand German, so they let me go without an international incident. I think they were asking for cigarettes.

Wandered around the tiny principality of Liechtenstein.

Toured the concentration camp in Dachau (mind-boggling what humans do to other humans) and drank beer in the famous Hofbrauhaus. I was never a beer drinker until then.

Walked through Anne Frank's hidden living space in Amsterdam and tried space-cakes, as well as a tour of the Heineken brewery.

Wandered the streets of once-buried Pompeii. Fascinating!

Ate some weird things in what was then Yugoslavia.

Played in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Climbed an Alp in Innsbruck, Austria and experienced the Hellbrunn Water Gardens. Salzburg was also a great town.

Tried to get into a casino in Monte Carlo - didn't have a Tux though. :-(

I was going to take a flight from Athens to Rome, TWA flight 847, but chose to take a boat instead. Good thing! It was a flight that got hijacked! Plus, being an American with a perceived Jewish name, well, read the story on the link.

I also......

Spent 7 days rafting down the Grand Canyon. I highly recommend Arizona River Runners. Check out my one-of-a-kind web site "Toilets of the Grand Canyon"!

Spent a few New Year's Eves in Times Square.

Climbed a few peaks in the Adirondacks (not anywhere near being a 46er though), and one in the Rockies. Algonquin, Wright, Iroquois, Boundary.

Spent a week in Jamaica, mon! I don't remember a lot about this trip, except the great snorkeling and the bad sunburn. :-)

Eleven days in Costa Rica (Nov '05) with my college buddy Art. I hadn't seen him in years, so we decided to meet in San Jose at 10:30PM with no reservations!

Took a girl on a surprise cruise to Bermuda.

Cruised with my three children to Tortola, St. Thomas, Nassau and Antigua.

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My school Projects:   Project 1: This links to the main page for my research paper (my first web project!)
Project 2: This web site has improved design and embedded media (from project 1), such as sound and animation (check out the stock graph!)
Sources: This tells you where I got my images from and how I manipulated them.
Some of my friends:   Brett: He works in the computer support group with me. He's big into animation. Check out his pages!
Ken: He designed all the code for his web page, including learning java to make his animated self-portrait! I love it! That's Ken - juggling activities, while learning, and keeping his balance!
Larry: He's the only friend I have who's in the Guiness book of World Records. He's performed worldwide - even at the White House! His thriving business is found at balloonhq. A cool project he has done is Balloon Manor! Be sure to click on the Interactive Tour!
Stuart Home page for the Tenessee Titans - where my friend Stuart works! He's the Director of Sales and Operations! Thanks for getting me the "Go Anywhere pass"! It was cool being in the press box and on the field!

Pictures to check out:





  • Pictures of my new house (September 2003)
  • The completion of my treehouse summer 2004.
  • Our trips in August 2004! Many cool things and pictures!
  • The music video (Lego) for a British band named Nadine and done! It's on You Tube.
  • Entry to my Halloween portal

    Here are four pictures of me from previous Halloweens....


    Above is from 2003. To the right is from 2004.

    Below left is from 2005. Below right is from 2006.

    This is me in August 2006 on the left and at the color run in May of 2013 on the right.. :-)


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