Below are pictures from the 20th year reunion of the Harley School class of 1983. What a great time! Those in attendance were:

back row, left to right:

Steve Corryn, in Rochester

Robin (Slaughter) Minerva, in Rochester

Alan Shechter, in Rochester

Debra (Weiss) Walker, in Rochester

Debbie (Ginsburg) Hoff, in from Massachusetts

Peter Parker, in Rochester

Aaron Donnan (husband of Charity)


Present, but left before this picture:

John Sergent, in Rochester

Jon Caulkins, in from Pennsylvania

Jim Bagby, in from Norfolk, Virginia

Cindy (Bohli) Nelson, in Rochester


front row, left to right:

Lexy Mountjoy, currently living in San Francisco

Val (English) Russell, in Rochester

Laura (Joslyn) Parker, in Rochester

Charity (Colohan) Donnan, in from York, NY

Ron Richardson, in Rochester

McEvoy "Mac" Campbell, in from Manhattan

Nan (Wood) Williams, in Rochester



Charity, Mike, and Robin
Debra and Jon
Debra, Charity, Aaron, and Lexy
Jim, Steve, Robin, Lexy, Laura, Cindy, and Mike
Jon, Debbie, Steve, and Jim
Jon, Lexy,and Jim
Lexy, Mac, Peter, and Steve
Mac and Debbie
Peter, Laura, Ron, and Val
Peter, Lexy, Robin, Laura, and Mike
Steve and Mac
Steve, Val, Mac, Debbie, Ashley, and Lexy

It was great to see everybody! What we all have in common, besides having spent 30 hours a week together during our high school years, is individuality (and a great sense of humor)!

If anyone else took pictures, please send them to me, and I'll post them! Especially pictures of me. :-)

The following pictures were submitted by Debbie (Ginsburg) Hoff:

Val, Debbie, Lexy and Laura at dinner
Laura, Debbie, and Peter at dinner

Steve and Val

Debra, Jon, Laura, and Robin
Lexy and John