Portal to my Halloween party pictures


2003 party The first party - just seven weeks after moving in!
2004 party The first haunted garage - it took seven people to operate!
2005 party The formation of the graveyard and the interior decorations!
2006 party More interior decorations, lots of styrofoam props (bottomless pit, coffin, tombstones), and a witches hut in the woods!
2007 party Another garage scene - a "secret" lab where an experiment in reanimation goes awry! More tombstones with writing, more props in the house, and a rebuilt deck.
2008 party Introduction of automation to the haunted pathway through the garage and house. See the pic The party the day after Halloween was my biggest yet. There were 152 people having fun!
2009 party pic coming much later may be "black magic" stuff like that described on this link.

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