Below are dates of family birthdays and anniversaries:

January: February: March: April:
15th - Alan's birthday 10th - Michelle's birthday 1st - Elijah's birthday 13th - Rachel's birthday
  10th - Sharon's birthday 17th - Julia's birthday  
  22nd - Steve's birthday 19th - Kimberly's birthday  
    24th - Amber's birthday  
    30th - Joshua's birthday  
May: June: July: August:
18th - Dad's birthday 3rd - Dad and Mom's anniversary   4th - Janice's birthday
  18th - Jake's birthday   7th - Steve and Kimberly anniversary
      22nd - Dave and Michelle anniversary
September: October: November: December:
23rd - Heather's birthday   13th - Emily's birthday 9th - Tyler's birthday
      22nd - Dave's birthday